“Why the hell are you so happy all the time?…”

I am asked this question frequently, sometimes seriously and sometimes in gest.  With the current state of the world, you’re almost expected to feel guilty about being happy. When opening your eyes fully to our existence, it’s amazing that you can get out of your bed every morning. The human race can be incredibly flawed, deluded, greedy and a brutal monster that can’t help cause itself pain and suffering.

So why am i so happy? …

I am happy , for precisely that reason, i believe that all the awful things in life caused me to have a different kind of cheerfulness , one that always reminds me that life is fundamentally dreadful but i use this realisation as a catalyst for more intense engagement with the beautiful moments that do come my way.

I grew up in a third world country in North Africa, I experienced so much sorrow in my early childhood and teens (will write about in the future) that anything good that happens to me, is taken as a bonus. My appreciation is magnified beyond what a normal person expresses. I don’t see good things happening to me as an entitlement, rather a blessing to fully appreciate and revel in.

So for now,  I am sorry world,  you will not break me, i will always find something to be happy about and continue to be appreciative of the air i breath every second.


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  1. This is beautiful and uplifting! ❤

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