Daenerys Targaryen Season 2 Qarth Cosplay.

My favorite part of Game Of Thrones is Daenerys. The beautiful, silver haired, lilac eyed, just and compassionate dragon queen of House Targaryen.

I feel as though the beginning of her journey to take back the Iron Throne was Qarth. there she was able to cut her teeth on dealing with bad people,  I absolutely loved the outfits she was wearing there. I made 2 of them early in 2015 but thanks to my friend Marika, was able to photograph them last year

Photos by Marika, Begin Again Designs

[TV spoiler] One of the best moments of season 2 was her using the dragons to free herself from Pyat Pree, a vicious sorcerer who wanted to steal her dragons and imprison her, but she showed him whose boss by getting the dragons to burn him.


Daenerys ordered her dragons to destroy Pyat Pree

I’ve been dying to recreate the scene for my cosplay because i had already made my dragons and costume, and took other photos but nothing that recreated anything from the show. So here it is:


My cosplay version. Using GIMPSHOP and PAINT.net, Original photo by me

Quick video run down.


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