How I Made My Baby Dragon Hatchlings

George RR Martin you adorable bastard! Not only did you create a fantastic world , full of wonder, but you also included dragons, Not just huge mean mad dragons, but cute, sweet and helpless BABY DRAGONS!  for crying out loud… ^0^


aweeeeeee…… ^_^

So I needed baby dragons for my costume, and i searched online at least a month for plastic toys that even vaguely resemble the dragons on the show, no luck… The ones for sale were wrong, they had four limbs, and wings, when Dany’s dragons had legs and wings for arms kind of like bats.

I decided to:

  • Make the heads out of polymer clay because it would be easiest to get the most detail out of it
  • Make the bodies out of craft foam
  • Make the wings out of hand fans
  • Make the legs out of worbla so they can stand upright
  • I also really wanted them to be able to move their wings and tails

I started out by finding as many reference photos as possible, and sculpted the heads out of polymer clay, made two with open mouths connected the jaw with a wire that would open and close after it bakes and hardens.


Then made the 3 right legs and 3 left legs, think chicken legs and you’ll be able to be successful in creating something accurate and can support the dragon weight, make sure the toes are flat.


You should have something like this to start with.


Next we will be starting on the wings: you need 6 plastic hand fans, with 5 or 6 bars. You will need to remove the plastic that connects it all, it should be no problem because it’s barely glued on.

b1Link to where you can buy them, please note that they are based in asia, so they will take a long time to arrive, (if you are buying from there)

Take a heat gun or hair dryer, and bend one of the wing bars inwards and the rest downwards at the 130 degree angle


Like this:


Next we will need to start work on the bodies, one large sheet of craft foam actually is enough to cut out all these bodies


I rolled up a piece of craft foam and placed it inside what would be the tail and belly, with a weight on the base so the dragon does not topple forward once it’s put together.


Also included a wire so the tail can be moved around like a natural tail can be.


Then sealed it and you have your basic belly and tail, keep going until you seal it all the way up to the neck, and fill it with craft foam as you go.


Once the body is sealed, add the legs right near the belly.


Connect the head with hot glue.


Then connect the wings about midway though the chest. Add a piece of craft wire inside the wings and roll the ends up or even glue it to the wings



Cuteness break!

Ok, i’m back!

Then cut a couple pieces of fabric and start gluing them to the wing bars,  don’t let the wings be too open, you want them to form a 150 degree angle all together at the most, (ask me any questions you might have ) you can cut the fabric later , once you have them secured.  [ fyi : in the picture below you can see the wire wrapped around the wings – what i mentioned above 🙂 ] You should have something like this


I also baked some cones of all shapes and sizes ranging from a quarter inch to half and inch


I placed them on the back of the head and down the upper half.


Then just paint them accordingly, Drogon is black and red, Viserion is cream and gold, Rhaegal is Green and orange-ish

Final product


Interacting with the dragons on shoots

As you can see, the dragons’ wings move, the tails move and their mouths open too. they are adorable and way better than a photoshopped dragon in my opinion


Shopping list:

  • Polymer clay
  • craft foam
  • weights like a piece of metal or rock
  • craft wire
  • paint
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue
  • worbla
  • cotton fabric
  • 6 hand fans (link to example is above)

Good luck !


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