I’m learning to draw…

My mother used to tell me that one day i might discover a hidden family talent in me, being able to draw…

She used to tell me stories about my uncle [her brother] who one day tried his hand at sketching and discovered an unbelievable talent for it. She said that he impressed anyone and everyone. His daughters [my cousins] have also inherited this talent, and i’ve always been envious of it.

Until Last year, i’d never tried it because i was convinced that i was going to suck at it. Β One night, I picked up a pencil anyways and gave it a try…

This was the outcome:


i know, meh… could I do better? , I bought a set of real sketching pencils and gave it another try.


Ok , now we’re getting somewhere… Β I tried again and again, and again, and you can bet i will keep on practicing.


I want to see just how good i can get.


Wish me luck


2 thoughts on “I’m learning to draw…”

  1. These talents do run in families. And real sketching pencils make a difference. Well done for opening the door to your gift. Keep sketching, your drawings are very good. Looking forward to seeing more of them over time

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