How I made my Daenerys Faux Leather Chestpiece


I am gonna be straight up with you,  I am not a seamstress, I do not have any real training when it comes to making costumes, and I do not know what I am doing , so when you see how made this piece, you may laugh at me but it’s OK , cos the end result is good haha.

I started out by buying about 12 sheets of 8×10 brown craft foam sheets.


I made a dummy of myself, using the old duct tape trick , took it off, filled it up and threw a tight fitting shirt over it.  I then proceeded to just cut pieces and pin them to the shirt and dummy.   For single pieces like the middle I just cut and stuck, for mirroring pieces, I made sure to cut two at a time so they are exact, and just kept on doing that, no pattern, no measurements, just sheer force of will and stubbornness.


When it came to my chest, i just rounded off the armor on a bowl with heat gun.


Like so:


then proceeded to glue the craft foam directly onto the shirt on the dummy.


Below is what it looked like once it was all glued and secured.


I got some leather cord that was laying around and cut one inch pieces to simulate stitches.


Like so,  just followed the reference photo


I then moved on to giving it 2 coats of mod podge,  the strengthening shiny coating, this will simulate leather.


I then cut the shirt from around the chest piece, so if you turned it inside out you could still see the shirt , it helped immensely with keeping the whole structure together, it was really strong,. I also added velcro to the neck and back straps and it was basically done!

Painted it with several shades of brown and sandy colors to weather and that’s all there is to it.




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