Migrating from Facebook and Tumblr

So please bare with me, you will see a rise in posting soon so i can archive all my work here 🙂 …

After being made angry by facebook for a few years, i finally pulled the metaphorical plug and closed down my facebook page and Tumblr will soon follow. Thanks to my best friend Annie [Ophiel’s Garden] , I was inspired to pack up and move here to WordPress.

The reason for this is, a few years ago, my host website was offering a free coupon for facebook advertising, I happily and gratefully used it, I got 1400 likes in 1 day, i was flabbergasted! I thought “holy shit! 1400 people saw my ad and were enticed enough to like my page…”

I kept on using my balance until the last dollar on that coupon, within less than one week, i received 10,000 likes, i was ecstatic and in disbelief, that little old me had gotten that many likes.

Almost immediately after i received all those likes, my engagement hadn’t gotten any better, in fact, it had gotten worse, I couldn’t believe it, i thought i was the problem, i thought i was being redundant and repetitive, i just didn’t know what was happening until I did some research and i saw this video .

After that I understood what was happening, I was led to believe that the likers on my page were real people who saw my ad and clicked on it.  As it turns out , they were most probably click farm likers that would never interact with my content and in NOT doing so, send my page into internet oblivion, I would be forced to pay for engagement and there is no way in hell i would have done that.

So anyways, this is why i am leaving those platforms, i just don’t care that much about likes and followers that much anymore, not that i am ungrateful for the ones i could get here, it’s just that i am done driving myself mad.

Also nothing against Tumblr, i just don’t need two blogs.



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