How I Made Daenerys’s Wedding Dress

The Dress:

The dress was made into a long skirt , it was sewn around a bra so i could achieve that low v neck, it has an elastic waste band all around it and especially in the back so i could just slide it on and fasten the bra.

The bra straps were also cut in the back and sewn together in the halter style.


Then i sewed two 1/2 foot wide x 5 foot long panels of fabric into the sides of the dress as seen below, these would be going criss cross then tied around my back.


A better look below:


The Shoulder Pieces:


The dress strap was made from the same materials as the shoulder straps, just thinner and glued on the bra straps.

The actual armbands themselves were constructed using Worbla and beads, then painted silver and achieved the antique silver look by dabbing it with black paint on a sponge.



I then used two 1/2 foot x 5 foot panels as arm band pieces, very simple they were sewn around the faux silver leather armbands.


The Wig:


Just a plain bleach blond wig with exact hair style done out of reference photos.

Finished look:



The Cosplay


More here


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