Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2013 Cosplay

This costume was really complicated for me back when i would mostly do closet cosplays, the belt , the bow and the gun were a challenge, but one i was happy to take on. 

– Why I chose this costume:
I chose it because it was the reboot costume, I love the cargo pants and tank tops, it looks like what any explorer / researcher would wear while on an expedition, I went for battle hardened Lara towards the end of the game.

– Materials and cost:
I bought some stuff from my friend Kristen for around 50 dollars, but the rest I made myself and bought from ebay, i used pleather for the belt, sewed cargo pockets on my pants, made my bow and axe out of foam board and used PVC pipe to fashion a silencer for my pistol. I would say overall this cost me around 80-100 dollars.


And a couple of photoshopped ones :


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