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If we give up the argument, we give up civilization…

” … If we give up the argument, we give up civilization, if we lose the words , we get the extra S and words becomes swords… … we have to reason with each other or we dash rocks against buildings and people…. we either stay human or devolve into simian savagery. … the argument […]

My Favorite Easy Fruit Tart

I used to go to the market all the time, and i would buy these 3 inch tartlets for almost 4 dollars . They were delicious but expensive, I never really looked into it but one day i wanted to know if i could make my own custard from scratch.  I knew how to make […]

Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2013 Cosplay

This costume was really complicated for me back when i would mostly do closet cosplays, the belt , the bow and the gun were a challenge, but one i was happy to take on. – Why I chose this costume: I chose it because it was the reboot costume, I love the cargo pants and […]

Elektra Natchios Backflip

This piece is more or less wishful thinking on my part because i can’t do that in real life lol. I put a piece of furniture to support my back, and took the photo in my house, and then photoshopped myself into a background . Software used : Paint.Net Inspiration: The Finished Picture:

Daenerys And Drogon Circa Season 3

Inspiration: A wallpaper , i think an official one.  It’s from around season 3, with cutey pie Drogon. The Finished Picture:

Daenerys Defeats Pyatt Pree

Inspiration: One of the best moments of season 2 was her using the dragons to free herself from Pyat Pree, a vicious sorcerer who wanted to steal her dragons and imprison her, but she showed him whose boss by getting the dragons to burn him. The Process: The Finished Picture:

How I made My Daenerys Blue Qarth Dress

The Dress: The dress is a simple skirt with an elastic waist band , with two long panels that double as the top and the capes. Hopefully this drawing helps explain: Then the gold pattern was spray painted on with a lace stencil. The Shoulders: The shoulders are a worbla frame with hot glue designs […]

Daenerys Targaryen Blue Astapor /Yunkai Dress

This is the outfit that Daenerys wears on her way to Astapor in season 3 , she wears it all the way up to Season 4 and then it gets modified , but these pics are mostly inspired by season 3 and 4. I even went as far as making a dragon bust , and […]

Selina Kyle The Dark Knight Rises Cosplay

This costume was really easy and cheaper than you might think The top was 10 dollars The bottoms were 7 dollars The belt was pleather with foam detail The boots were 25 dollars from ebay The gloves were 5 dollars also from ebay

Daenerys Targaryen Season 2 Qarth Dress Cosplay

Probably my all time favorite Daenerys outfit, I love the blue against the blonde hair and the gold accessories, the mesh belt and shoulders are especially unique, not to mention the dress design and how it has a cape built in. – Materials and cost About $70 , i had to buy the fabric, the […]