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If we give up the argument, we give up civilization…

” … If we give up the argument, we give up civilization, if we lose the words , we get the extra S and words becomes swords… … we have to reason with each other or we dash rocks against buildings and people…. we either stay human or devolve into simian savagery. … the argument […]

Migrating from Facebook and Tumblr

So please bare with me, you will see a rise in posting soon so i can archive all my work here 🙂 … After being made angry by facebook for a few years, i finally pulled the metaphorical plug and closed down my facebook page and Tumblr will soon follow. Thanks to my best friend Annie […]

“Why the hell are you so happy all the time?…”

I am asked this question frequently, sometimes seriously and sometimes in gest.  With the current state of the world, you’re almost expected to feel guilty about being happy. When opening your eyes fully to our existence, it’s amazing that you can get out of your bed every morning. The human race can be incredibly flawed, […]