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Elektra Natchios Backflip

This piece is more or less wishful thinking on my part because i can’t do that in real life lol. I put a piece of furniture to support my back, and took the photo in my house, and then photoshopped myself into a background . Software used : Paint.Net Inspiration: The Finished Picture: Advertisements

Daenerys And Drogon Circa Season 3

Inspiration: A wallpaper , i think an official one.  It’s from around season 3, with cutey pie Drogon. The Finished Picture:

Daenerys Defeats Pyatt Pree

Inspiration: One of the best moments of season 2 was her using the dragons to free herself from Pyat Pree, a vicious sorcerer who wanted to steal her dragons and imprison her, but she showed him whose boss by getting the dragons to burn him. The Process: The Finished Picture: